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Key Issues

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Constituent Service

Government should exist to make your life easier, and I hope to be the kind of leader who turns that dream into a reality. Also, the law should not favor larger counties over smaller, more rural counties like Kershaw County. For these reasons, I believe citizens of Kershaw County should:

  • Receive their fair share of state funds intended for road improvements, infrastructure projects, recreation, education, and economic development;

  • Experience a reduction in the state income tax rate;

  • Have a resident Circuit Judge for handling local issues like bond hearings, signing warrants, and more; and

  • Receive the benefit of professional and thoughtful representation at the State House.

Get Things Done

As the first person to hold this newly drawn State House seat, I want to leave big shoes to fill when I'm gone. Accessibility to your elected officials is important - I'm ready to answer your calls and listen to you before I head to the State House. I will always show up to fight for Kershaw County, and, with your best interests in mind, I hope to invoke positive change for our community.

Fiscal Conservatism

I'll work hard to ensure Kershaw County's conservative values are heard in Columbia. I hope to eliminate government waste and reduce taxes to put more money back in your pocket.

Smart Spending and Growth

I believe that limited, smart spending and regulation is key to addressing the recent growth we have seen in Kershaw County. I'll coordinate with community leaders to make sure infrastructure and economic development spending is done with adequate planning and regulation to address the growth issues we are facing. As more and more people discover that Kershaw County is a great place to live and do business, we must plan to grow in a controlled way and spend wisely.

I have a great track record for getting things done for the people of Kershaw County. Click below to read about it!

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